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Etymology/ Definitionदिने दिने चर्या दिनचर्या, दिनस्थ वा चर्या दिनचर्या । अ.हृ.सू.२/१ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Su.2/1 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningDaily regime
Implied MeaningIt is the detailed plan of regime to be followed throughout the day right from the time of rising in the morning to sleeping at the night so as to maintain good health. Failure to observe it or to compromise on it leads to diseases.
ElaborationDinacharyaa comprises of Dantadhaavana ( cleaning of teeth ), Nasya ( Nasal administration of drugs ), Gan`d`oosha ( gargling ), Tambula Sevana ( betel chewing ), Abhyanga ( Oil massage ), Anjana ( collirium to eyes ), Vyaayaama ( physical exercise ), Udvartana ( massaging body with soft, fragmented powder ), Snaana ( bath ), consumption of food, attending to one’s routine duties etc.
Contemporary ColloquialDaily Regimen

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