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Etymology/ Definition संज्ञा ज्ञानम्‌, अथवा नामोल्लेखेन ज्ञानम्‌ । च. नि. ७/५ चक्रपाणि
संज्ञा ज्ञानं च स्थापयति इति संज्ञास्थापनम्‌ । च. सू. ४/१२ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Samdnyaa’ means consciousness, clear knowledge or understanding , ’Sthaapana’ means establishing , maintaining , preserving .
Implied MeaningThese are the drugs, which restore the process of perception of knowledge. ‘ Samdnya’ is perception of a stimulus. Any impairment in perception when restore to normalcy by any substance it is termed as Samdnyasthaapana .
ElaborationIn the symptom like numbness ( Supti ), necessary sensory supply is hampered because of vitiated Vaata and Kapha ; therefore it is necessary to pacify Vaata and Kapha Samdnyasthaapaka drugs are helpful to maintain the sensory action related to all the five sense organs. These drugs facilitate the sensory action, which is helpful in the process of knowledge acquisition. This process gets hampered in Unmaada ( insanity ) among other diseases. These are call as Samdnyaasthaapana as they restore and maintain the actions of sensory path. The drugs explained by Charaka as Samdnyaasthaapana are Hingu, Vachaa etc.
Raktamokshan`a also acts as Samdnyaasthaapana . After letting the blood out, obstruction is removed, this clears the sensory path restoring the perception of a stimulus.

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