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Etymology/ Definitionशिर:संस्थोऽक्षतर्पणात् तर्पक:। अ.हृ.सू. १२/१८
Implied MeaningThis type of Kapha is located in joints and it lubricates the joints .
ElaborationIt is one of the five types of Kapha situated in the joints .
It is the fluid present in the mobile joints secreted by the inner membrane S ` hleshamadharaa Kalaa ( membrane supporting Kapha Dosha ) within the joint capsule ( Sandhi Kos ` ha ).
is responsible for the nourishment and lubrication of the particular surfaces of the participating bony ends .
In joint afflictions S ` hleshaka Kapha is affected substantively , qualitatively and functionally . Depending upon its involvement the signs and symptoms vary warranting an innovative approach in management of the same .
S ` heshanaat S ` hleshaka A . Sn . 20 / 4
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