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Etymology/ Definitionमूढो निरुद्धगति: । सर्वावयव संपूर्णो मनोबुद्ध्यादिसंयुत: । विगुणापानसंमूढो मूढगर्भोऽभिधीपते । सु. शा. ८/२ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Ni.8/2 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – difficult delivery, a dead foetus
Implied MeaningAfter complete development of foetus, the natural track of foetal delivery is obstructed or altered due to vitiation of Apaana Vaayu , it is called Mood`hagarbha.
ElaborationProper expulsion of foetus ( Garbha Nishkraman`a ) is the normal function of Apaana Vaayu. Various causative factors result in separation of foetus from its bound like fruit from its peduncle due to severe blows. When thus released from bond it starts crossing and moving in the space around liver, spleen and intestine. This produces agitation within the abdominal cavity confounding the Apaana Vaayu. This causes expulsion of foetus with haemorrhage alongwith one of the following symptoms: pain in sides, tip of bladder, abdomen and vaginal track, hardness of bowels, and retention of urine. The same foetus when advanced, abnormally positioned, not coming out of vaginal passage even if reached there, and which is confounded by abnormal Apaana Vaayu is known as Mood`hagarbha.
Various types of Mood`hagarbha – Keela, Pratikhura, Beejaka and Parigha are described in the Samhita.
Contemporary ColloquialMal presentation of foetus

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