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TypeD. G.
Etymology/ Definitionप्रमाथि अनुलोमनम् । च. सू. ७।९ चक्रपाणि नीजवीर्येण यद् द्रव्यं स्रोतोभ्यो दोषसंचयम् । निरस्यति प्रमाथि स्याद् तद्यथा मरिचं वचा ॥ शा. सं पू खं. ४/२२
Literary MeaningM / W – harassing
Implied MeaningDravya by their self – potency ( Nijaveeryen a ) eradicate deeply situated, accumulated and vitiated Dosha in Srotas ( body channels ) are called Pramaathi.
ElaborationThe activity of all these Dravya is due to their potency effects of which can be felt at the point of contact and till the time they reside in the internal environment. If they are hot they do not require support from Agni to initiate their action. They mix in the Rasa and reach the target site that is far removed from the gut. They are deeply embedded in the body constituents and start the action of cutting of the bonds between the vitiated Dosha and the harbourer. They further remove the converted Dosha from there and bring them into the mainstream circulation.
Pramaathi Dravya possess Kat`u ( pungent ) and Teekshn`a ( intense ), Sara Sookshma ( subtle ) attributes. Maricha ( Piper nigrum ).
SynonymsAnulomana ( C. Su. 7 / 9 Chakrapaan`i .)

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