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Etymology/ Definitionअधोभागं विरेचनसंज्ञकम्। च.क.१/४
ReferenceC.K.1/4, A.H.Su.18/1
Literary MeaningM / W – purging
Implied MeaningIt is one of the five purificatory measures especially aimed at eliminating vitiated Pitta Dosha by purgation.
ElaborationIt is the first choice of treatment in Pitta vitiated diseases. It is also used in Kapha and Vaata related diseases.
It is advocated to patients in systematic manner with proper prerequisites ( oleation, sudation etc .)
The drug used for purgation is called Virechaka Dravya ( purgatives ). According to the potency of the substance used for purgation it is graded as:
1. Mild purgation ( Mridu Virechana ) e. g. Aaragvadha ( cassia fistula )
2. Medium Purgation ( Madhya Virechana )
3. Strong Purgation ( Teekshn`a Virechana ) e. g. Nis`hottara.
Usage of purgation – fever, various skin diseases, Prameha ( diabetes ), worm infestation, various skin diseases, headache etc.
By and large elimination of waste products from any root is called Virechana . This term is also used to indicate elimination of Dosha from a specific part of the body whereupon it is labelled as S`hirovirechana ( elimination of Dosha from head i. e. through nasal root ), S`hukravirechana ( elimination of excess S`hukra ) or S`hukravirechaka .
This has to be performed under supervision of a competent physician to avoid serious complications.
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