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Graamya Aahaara

KeywordGraamya Aahaara
Literary MeaningM / W – food prepared in a village
Implied MeaningIt means substandard diet, which comprises tastes like sour, saline, pungent and alkaline. Graamyaahaara is one of the causative factors for various diseases.
ElaborationIt is a diet, which lacks nutritional value, is unwholesome and causes vitiation of Dosha , contamination of Dhaatu , affects the mental faculties adversely and is at the root of most of the intrinsic disorders.
Some of the ill effects of this type of diet are:
Blood is contaminated leading to skin diseases, muscles become weak and loose toned, adipose metabolism is affected leading to obesity and related disorders, reproductive system too is adversely affected resulting in infertility, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido etc. Ojas formation and mental faculties are also affected.
Contemporary ColloquialContaminated food

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