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Matsya Varga

KeywordMatsya Varga
Etymology/ Definitionवारिशयाः मत्स्याः । च. सू. २७/४० जलान्तर्वासिनो मत्स्याः । अ. हृ. सू. ६/५२ हेमाद्रिः
ReferenceA.H.Su.6/52, C.Su.27/40
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Matsya’ means a fish, ‘ Varga’ means Group
Implied MeaningThis is a group of different type of fish.
ElaborationMatsya means fish. In Matsya Varga attributes of meat of various types of fish is mentioned. The meat of fish is the heavy to digest amongst all the types of meat. Chileechima fish vitiates three Dosha hence it should not be consumed. Fish should not be consumed with milk

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