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TypeB. P.
Etymology/ Definition स्वभावो ह्यत्र सहजो धर्म:। सु.सू.१/२४ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.1/24 D`alhan`a, C.Sha.7/17, S.Sha.1/15 D`alhan`a, C.Su.30/27
Literary MeaningOriginal tendency, M / W – innate , natural
Implied Meaning1. The original tendency of Dosha Dhaatu or Dravya .
2. One of the sixreasons for evolution of universe.
3. One of the causes of eternity ( Anaaditva Nityatva ) of Ayurveda.
Elaboration1. The innate properties of any substance are called Dravya Svabhaava e. g. heat ( Daahakataa ) and upward direction ( Oordhva Gamana ) are properties ( Svabhaava ) of Agni ( Fire ). Sharpness of Kan`t`aka ( thorn ), and downward direction of water are all natural attributes of these substances.
2. It is one of the causes of development. E. g. During pregnancy development of various body parts is due to Svabhaava Angapratyanga Nirvritti Svabhaavaata Eva Jaayate. S. Sha. 3 )
3. Ayurveda the science of life is eternal because it deals with such things, which are inherent ( Svabhaava Samsiddha Lakshan`atvaat ) in nature.
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