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Etymology/ Definitionयुक्ति: योजना शरीरभेषजयोर्हितो यो योगस्तदपेक्षं संशोधनसंशमनादि युक्तिव्यपाश्रयमुच्यते । च.सू.१/५८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.1/58 Chakrapaan`i
Implied MeaningOne of the three types of managements involving use of substances to manage a disease. The other two are Daiva Vyapaa`shraya and Sattvaavajaya wherein no substance is used to treat the disease.
ElaborationTreatment, which is based upon the assessment of body and disease. It encompasses advocacy of specific dietary regimen, lifestyle changes, and administration of various drugs and / or Panchakarma procedures.
Contemporary ColloquialInferential medicine, evidence based medicine
AntonymDaivavyapaas`hrya, Sattvaavajaya

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