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Vis`huddha Chikitsaa

KeywordVis`huddha Chikitsaa
Etymology/ Definitionप्रयोग: शमयेत् व्याधिं योऽन्यमन्यमुदीरयेत् । नासौ विशुद्ध: शुद्धस्तु शमयेद्यो न कोपयेत् । च.नि.८/२३
Literary MeaningA treatment without complication.
Implied MeaningThe treatment modality that succeeds in managing the disease without any untoward effects is Vis`huddha Chikitsaa.
ElaborationThe therapy, which while curing one disease, provokes another one, is not a correct treatment. The correct therapy ( Vis`huddha Chikitsaa ) is the one, which while curing a disease does not provoke manifestation of another disease. The problems in Vis`huddha Chikitsaa generally arise due to negligence from the physician in the treatment or due to the disease itself ( C. Ni1 ).
SynonymsS`huddha Chikitsaa

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