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Etymology/ Definitionछेदनीय इति अपतर्पणकारकः । च. सू. २६/८ चक्रपाणि छेदनं उत्कर्तनं। सु. चि. १५/३ डल्हण ,छेदनं द्वैधीकरणम्।
ReferenceC.Su.26/8, S.Chi.15/3,S.G.4/11
Literary MeaningM / W – cutting, splitting
Implied Meaning1. Chhedana Dravya – Its action is focused mainly on Maamsa Dhaatu and Kapha Dosha .
2. A basic process in S`halya ( surgery )
Elaboration1. The Dravya , which drastically splits the bonds of vitiated Dosha and dislodges the adherent Dosha, due to its intense attribute. Its main action is focused on Kapha Dosha in respiratory tract. These Dravya have predominantly salty taste and Teja Mahaabhoota dominance e. g. Kshaara.
2. Incision over localized swelling ( Vran`as`hotha – Pachyamaanaavasthaa ) to drain accumulated debris with the help of sharp instruments is Chhedana .
SynonymsLekhana Bhedana
Contemporary ColloquialExcision, Cutting

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