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ReferenceS.Chi.1/121, S.Chi1/122
Literary MeaningM / W – Killing worms
Implied MeaningTreatment that destroys infection .( i. e. Disinfectant , Vermicide )
ElaborationThis is one of the sixty modalities used to heal an ulcer. This treatment is used for an infected wound. The signs and symptoms of an infected wound are –
1. Oedema at the area of wound
2. Local pain
3. Discharge from the wound.
4. presence of maggots / Krimi in the ulcer
In this condition, the wound is washed with the decoctions of medicines such as Tulasee Vid`anga etc. Lepa ( application over the wound ) of these medicines is also useful.
A piece of flesh is kept over the wound. The worms come outside to eat that flesh, which are manually removed from the wound.
Medicines like Nimba Vachaa Hingu along with salt and butter are to fumigate the wound.
Similar treatment is used for newborn baby and the mother as a preventive measure against possible infections.
The containers of medicines are also treated like this to make them sterile before storing the medicines in them.

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