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Etymology/ Definition शालिपिन्कृतं मद्यं सुरा । अ. हृ. सू. ५/६७
सुरा अनुद्धृतमण्डा । च. सू. ७/१७९ चक्रपाणि
जर्जरीकरोति इति थमांसादि उपचयं करोति, यद्‌ उक्तं हारिते – सुरा जर्जरीकरोति असृक्मेदोबाहुल्याद्‌ । च. सू. २७/४ चक्रपाणि
मांसादिशिथिलीकरोति इति अर्थः । च. सू. २७/४ शिवदाससेन
सुरा कृशानां पुन्यर्थम्‌ । सुरा जर्जरीकरोति । च. सू. २७/४, ३२३
सुरा स्नानं च श्रमहराणाम्‌ । च. सू. २५
ReferenceA.H.Su.5/67, C.Su.27/4
Literary MeaningM / W – Spirituous liquor, wine
Implied MeaningA type of wine, in which Mand`a ( scum ) is not taken out. It is prepared from flour of rice.
ElaborationSuraa is described under Madya Varga ( group of liquors ) in Ayurveda . It is prepared from the rice flour. Its decoction is allowed to ferment and to form self – generated alcohol over some days. It pacifies Vaata and Kapha. It increases body fat, blood, and breast milk.
It is advised in S`hosha .
It is S`hramahara ( relaxing and reduces fatigue ).
It is Snehana . It is unctuous and Guru , it is heavy to digest
Suraasava is another entity prepared from Suraa itself. It is stronger than Suraa Teevra ). It also pacifies Vaata and refreshes the mouth ( Vadana Priya ).
SynonymsMadya Varga

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