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Saadhaaran`a Des`ha

KeywordSaadhaaran`a Des`ha
Etymology/ Definition सम: साधारणो मत: । च. वि. ३/४८
ReferenceC.K.1/8, C.Vi. 3/48, A.H.Su.1/23
Literary MeaningM / W – a wild marshy country
Implied MeaningThe geographical territory, which has mixed environment of Aanoopa and Jaangala regions.
ElaborationSuch a land has medium availability of water as well as sunlight. Charaka has described extensively about the environment, and people living in such area Herbs in this region have opposite characteristics to those found in either Aanoopa or Jaangala regions. People in this region are mild, have medium built and strength.
In this area the three Dosha are in a balanced state, hence it is healthy compared to the other two types.
Contemporary ColloquialTemperate climate and geographical zone.
AntonymJaangala Des`ha, Aanoopa Des`ha

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