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Etymology/ Definitionप्रतिलोम विपर्यये कृत्वा । अ.हृ.नि.४/६ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceS.Su.18/4, S.Su.27/6, A.H.Ni.4/6 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningM / W – against the hair or grain, contrary to the natural course or order, reverse, inverted, adverse
Implied Meaning1. It is a method of application of ointment against the direction of hairs.
2. A type of foreign body
3. It is a direction of obliterated Vaata
ElaborationA paste should be applied in the direction opposite to hair. If it is applied in this manner, the drug would be accepted by the skin and enter the hair follicles and the potency of it would permeate through sweat carrying gland and exhibit its effect.
Embedded foreign body in a body part, which is taken out in the regressive direction is called Pratiloma.
Vaayu when obstructed along its normal channel owing to its mobility gets reverted and causes abnormal movement, it is known as Pratiloma Vaayu .

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