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S`himbee Dhaanya

KeywordS`himbee Dhaanya
Etymology/ Definitionशिम्ब्याः कोश्याः धान्यं मुादिकम् यत् शिम्बीधान्यं तत् विबन्धकृत् । अ.हृ.सू.६/१७ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Su.6/ 17
Literary MeaningM / W – legume
Implied MeaningThe leguminous dicotelydons are termed as S`himbee Dhaanya.
ElaborationThis group of leguminous dicotelydons is described by Charaka Sus`hruta and Vaagbhat`a . This group comprises green gram, Aad hakee ( pigeon pea ), lentil and other varieties. They produce constipation, are astringent and sweet in taste, their post digestive taste is pungent and are cold in potency. They are easily digestible ; they mitigate fat, Kapha blood and Pitta ; and are suited for use as an external application and bathing of the body.
Green gram is best among them as it causes only mild increase of Vaata . Round pea causes great increase of Vaata Raajamaasha ( big sized black gram ) also increases Vaata dryness, produces more faeces and is heavy to digest.
Contemporary ColloquialPulses
AntonymS`hamee Dhaanya

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