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Etymology/ Definitionअसात्म्यमिति तद्विद्याद् यद् न याति सहात्मताम् । च. शा. १/१२७
Literary MeaningM / W – unwholesome, disagreeing
Implied MeaningSaatyma means homologous to the internal environment, sense organs, mind and the soul. Any stimulus that elicits an adverse reaction on any or all of them is Asaatmya .
ElaborationThe homologation is decided at the time of conception, depending upon the dominant Dosha evolved by the constitution.
For Vaata constitution use of hot, unctuous, sweet, sour, salty substances is naturally homologous while bitter, pungent, astringent, exercise, light, dry food articles ore non homologous ( Asaatmya ).
Some things are not healthy and homologous to the body constituents like tobacco but a person develops their habit by overcoming their initial adverse reactions. This is homologation acquired by practice ( Abhyaasa Saatmya ) or ( Okasaatmya ). These though homologous finally affect the internal environment adversely and manifest as diseases.
These adverse effects have to be treated but the treatment can only begin with his giving up his habit. The sequence has been elaborated in the texts.
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