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Etymology/ Definitionअभिष्यन्दि दोषधातुमलस्रोतसां क्लेद प्राप्ति जननम्। सु.सु.४६/५१ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.46/51 D`alhan`a, Sh.S.P. 4/25
Literary MeaningM / W – Oozing, Secretory
Implied MeaningAny substance, which has heavy, slimy attributes and is capable of causing secretion of various fluids and thus results in occlusion of various spaces in the internal environment. This manifests as localized or generalized heaviness, swelling.
ElaborationThese Dravya are predominantly of Prithvee, Aapa Mahaabhoota constitution. e. g. Curds. After consumption it causes generalized heaviness in the body. Retention of body fluids leads to S`hotha ( oedema ).
The Dravya , which produce Kleda ( liquid waste ) in Dosha Dhaatu Mala and Srotasa . The action is seen in the layers of skin.
The mode of action is by changing the Upasnehana Nyaaya ( osmotic activity ). Due to their coldness, heaviness and density the substances alter the osmotic response of the body constituents and cause retention of fluids either inside the cells or in the extra cellular space. This ultimately manifests as heaviness, swelling that can be localized or generalized depending upon the substance and the quantity consumed and the damage to the Agni function and resultant Aama .
Viruddhaahaara ( incompatible food ) falls into this category .

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