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Etymology/ Definitionकंठ्य स्वर्यम् /अ.हृ.सू.५।६०
ReferenceA.H.Su.5/60, C.Su.4/8
Literary MeaningM / W – suitable to the throat
Implied MeaningSubstances , which are beneficial to improve quality of voice is called Kan ` t ` hya .

ElaborationKan ` t ` ha ( throat ) is the seat of Kapha . Voice , which is made up of Maamsa Dhaatu originates from it . Substances , which pacify aggravated Kapha and strengthen Maamsa Dhaatu , are helpful to improve quality of voice . Excessive speech creates depletion of Rasa and Ojas , and hence the substances increasing Rasa and Ojas are also Kan ` t ` hya . Vitiated Udaana Vaayu is responsible for abnormalities of voice . Substances , which regularise the normal function of Udaana Vaata are also Kan ` t ` hya e . g . Madhuka , Kant ` akaari .
Contemporary ColloquialBeneficial to throat and voice
AntonymKant ` haghnam

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