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Asht`aunindita Purusha

KeywordAsht`aunindita Purusha
Etymology/ Definitionइह खलु शरीरमधिकृत्याष्टौ पुरुषा निन्दिता भवन्ति नद्यथा – अतिदीर्घश्च अतिह्रस्वश्च अतिलोमा च अलोमा च अतिकृष्णश्च अतिगौरश्च अतिस्थूलश्च अतिकृशश्च । च. सू. २१।३
Literary Meaning8 types of defamed / blamed persons
Implied MeaningA group of 8 conditions in persons as regards their size, colour of the body, excessive hair distribution or complete lack of it, height or lack of it due to which a person is blamed or defamed.
ElaborationCharaka has explained eight extreme conditions present in people, which are responsible for their derogation and ridicule in the society.
These are the physical imbalances of eight types:
1. Ati Deergha – Very tall, acromegaly
2. Ati Hrasva – Dwarf, cretinism
3. Atiloma – Too hairy
4. Aloma – Hairless
5. Atikrishn`a – Too dark
6. Atigaura – Too fair, albino
7. Atisthoola – Too corpulent, obese
8. Atikris`ha – Too emaciated, malnourished
The detailed explanation is given by Charaka in Asht`auninditeeya chapter in Sootrasthaana .
Such people are defamed, ridiculed, looked down upon in the society because of their ugly appearance.
Amongst all these 8 types of defamed people Atisthoola and Atikris`ha are the only conditions described in detail, as these are the only ones where treatment is possible, rest of them are incurable.
These two types of people are always sick and suffering but between them the obese person is more prone to sickness.
AntonymSamasuvibhakta Gaatra

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