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Etymology/ Definitionपुरीषस्य विरञ्जनं दोषसंबन्धनिरामं करोतीति पुरीषविरञ्जनीयः । च.सू.४।८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/8 Chakrapaan`i
Implied MeaningSubstances, which remove colour abnormalities of faeces and restore faecal pigments, are termed as Pureeshavirajaneeya.
ElaborationAfter digestion solid faeces are called as Pureesha . Due to decreased digestive power in obstructive jaundice and Paan`d`u ( Anaemia ) assimilation of solid faeces is not properly carried out.
Due to obstruction of channels natural colour of faeces changes. These Pureeshavirajaneeya substances help to restore the natural colour of faces. Charaka describes Pureeshavirajaneeya Das`hemaani ( ten substances useful for corrective of faecal pigments ) viz. turmeric, Chitraka ( Plumbago zylenica ) etc.
Similarly Mootravirajaneeya substances can be explained – These substances correct abnormalities in urine and restore normal colour of urine e. g. Priyangu ( Callicarpa microphylla ), Dhaatakee ( Woodfordia fruiticosa )

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