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Etymology/ Definitionव्यापद् अन्यथा आपत्ति ।
Literary MeaningM / W – Destruction, ruin, death, evil intent or design
Implied MeaningComplications occurred due to inadequate consumption of diet or inappropriate administration of drugs or a surgical procedure is called Vyaapad.
ElaborationThe term Vyaapad has various connotations and is linked with multiple procedures ( emesis, purgation, various enemata, nasal administration of drugs ), and also surgical procedures. The term indicates complication due to the related procedure. Complications ( Vyaapad ) may occur during oleation therapy, if a patient fails to follow the prescribed regimen during the procedure. Vaagbhat`a describes Vyaapad Lakshan`a ( complications ) arising of Ghritapaana due to its improper consumption e. g. oedema, stupor, rigidity, loss of sensation, itching, pain in abdomen, leprosy, fever, nausea, flatulence etc.
Contemporary ColloquialComplications

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