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S`hukra Dhaatu

KeywordS`hukra Dhaatu
Etymology/ Definition
तस्मान्मज्ज्ञस्तु यः स्नेहः शुक्रं संजायते ततः । च.चि.१५/३२
ReferenceC.Chi.15/32, C.Su.28/4, A.H.Su.1/13, S.Su.15/, A.H.Su.1/13, S.Su.14/18, A.H.Su.11/20, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningM / W – sperm
Implied MeaningIt is the reproductive and regenerative tissue and is present all over the body.
ElaborationThis is the ultimate tissue to evolve in the chain of Dhaatu and since it has undergone a number of Agni actions it is especially devoid of waste product and it almost singly generates Ojas .
It has two – fold actions viz. one is reproduction and the other is regeneration of worn out tissues.
In males it is responsible for the sperm and in females it is responsible for other regenerative functions and in both sexes it is also responsible for happiness, courage, affection, mild and pleasant disposition etc.
Due to the vitiation of S`hukra Dhaatu the following symptoms develop: depressed state of mind, less sterility, abnormal function of reproduction.
Vitiation of S`hukra is responsible for depression, infertility, impotence, immune compromised state and Ojas depletion.
SynonymsPurusha Beeja
Contemporary ColloquialReproductive tissue, Semen

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