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Etymology/ Definitionपाकः पचनम् । शब्दकल्पद्रुम
ReferenceS.Su. 40/10
Literary MeaningM / W – digestion, assimilation of food, ripening, inflammation, suppuration, an abscess
Implied MeaningPitta predominant condition. It may involve any one or more body constituents simultaneously. E. g. Mukhapaaka ( Stomatitis )
1. Consumed food, which gets converted into Aahaara Rasa Rasaantaram ) due to Jaat`haraagni ( digestive power ) is called Paaka.
2. Bhasmeekaran`a
3. Taalupaaka ( inflammation of soft pallet )
4. Akshipaakaatyaya
5. Vreehi
6. Snehapaaka
Elaboration1. It is an important function of Paachaka Pitta , which is the main contributor to the process of digestion. Terms Doshapaaka Dhaatupaaka have to be interpreted in this context.
2. Fine powders of metals and minerals are prepared with the help of Gajaput`a . This conversion is called Paaka .
3. A type of Palatine disease
4. A type of ophthalmic disease
5. A type of rice, which becomes sour after digestion.
6. Types of Sneha Paaka viz. Khara Mridu Madhya

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