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Samsarga / Sannipaata

KeywordSamsarga / Sannipaata
Etymology/ Definition संसर्ग: सन्निपातश्च तदि्‌द्वत्रिक्षयकोपत:। अ.हृ.सू.१/१२
ReferenceC.Vi.6/10, C.Su.17/41, A.H.Su.1/12
Literary MeaningM / W – Samsarga is a combination of two Dosha producing diseases, whereas Sannipaata is a combination of three Dosha , which produces diseases.
Implied MeaningA picture of mixed Dosha is reflected in the manifestation of the diseases.
ElaborationA combination of more than two Dosha is more difficult to treat. It gradually leads to the complicated ( Krichchhrasaadhya ) and incurable ( Asaadhya ) conditions. When any two Dosha come together in aggravated or diminished condition, it is Samsarga .
When all three Dosha come together in aggravated or diminished condition, it is Sannipaata .
According to Asht`aanga Samgraha Samsarga are 6 and Sannipaata are 13 in number ( Samgraha Su. 1 ).
According to Asht`aanga Hridaya Samsarga are of 9 types and Sannipaata are 13.
Charaka describes 63 combinations of Dosha that are found in practice.
Diseases arising from Sannipaata are the most difficult to treat.

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