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Udaana Vaayu

KeywordUdaana Vaayu
Etymology/ Definition उदानो नाम यस्तूर्ध्वमुपैति पवनोत्तम: । तेन भाषितगीतादि विशेषो अभिप्रवर्तते।
उर्ध्वजत्रुगतान्‌ रोगान्‌ करोति च विशेषत:। सु. नि. १/१५
ReferenceA.H.Su.12/5, C.Chi.28/219, S.Su.1/14, S.Ni.1/14-15
Literary MeaningM / W – breathing upwards, one of the five vital airs of the human body ( the one in the throat that rises upwards )
Implied MeaningA subtype of Vaayu, which has upward direction and which is responsible for exhalation is called Udaana .
ElaborationThe chest is the seat of Udaana Vaayu . It moves in the nose, throat and umbilicus. Its function is initiation of speech, effort, enthusiasm, strength ( capacity to work ), complexion and memory ( awareness ). Vitiation of Udaana leads to development of Oordhvajatrugata Vyaadhi ( disease related with eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and head ) as well as diseases related with Praan`avaha Srotas like cough.
Contemporary ColloquialUdaana Vaata

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