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Avalambaka Kapha

KeywordAvalambaka Kapha
Etymology/ Definitionउर:स्थ: स त्रिकस्य स्ववीर्यत:। हृदयस्यान्नवीर्याच्च तत्स्थ एवाम्बुकर्मणा। कफधाम्नां च शेषाणां यत्करोत्यवलम्बनम्। अतोऽवलम्बक: श्लेष्मा। अ. हृ. सू. १२/१५
Literary MeaningM / W – hanging on, leaning against, hanging down, support
Implied MeaningA subtype of Kapha Dosha.
ElaborationIt is one of the five types of Kapha. This type of Kapha is located in chest and Trik ( the area of sacro iliac joints and the sacrum ). By its own potency and by the potency of the essence of food ( Rasa ) present in the heart, it supports the body by functions of Aapa Mahaabhoota such as cohesion , softness, moistness, liquidity etc. and bestows strength to the seats of the other Kapha . Hence it is called Avalambaka S`hleshmaa .

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