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Etymology/ Definition सोमो जलदेवता यदि वा चन्द्रः । च.सू.१२।१२ चक्रपाणि
सोमश्च श्लेष्मरसशुक्रादीनां तोयात्मकानां भावानां रसनेन्द्रियस्य च शक्तिरूपतया अवस्थितो मनसो अधिदैवत्वमापन्नः सोम इति । सु.शा.४।३ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.12/12 Chakrapaan`i,S.Sha.4/3 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – of the body, a drug with supposed magical properties
Implied MeaningThis is a factor strengthening the aqueous elements of the body like Kapha Rasa , Semen and sense organ of taste. It is ( Adhidaivata ) god of mind. Soma is a Vedic concept, which signifies moon.
ElaborationThe term Soma is used in the compendia with various meanings:
1. Charakaachaarya has mentioned that Soma is at the superior level ( Agrya ) of all medicines. As per Sus`hruta all types of Soma have fifteen leaves, which appear and fall in bright and dark fortnights respectively. Soma Rasaayana should be taken in a specific way. One who consumes Soma sustains youthfulness for ten thousand years. Factors like fire, water, poison, sharp weapons and blunt instruments will not harm his life.
2. It is a synonym of Kapha Dosha ( S. Sha. 4 / 3 ).
3. It is one of twelve types of Praan`a ( S. Sha. 4 / 3 ).
A gynaecological disorder in which watery discharge from vagina increases ( Somaroga ).

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