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Etymology/ Definitionनित्यस्य चेतना धातोरिति आत्मनः । च.सू. ११।१३ चक्रपाणि आत्मा पृथिव्यादिन् पञ्चषड्धातवः । च.सू. २५।१५ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.11/13,C.Su.25/15, C.Sha.1/42,S.Sha.1/21
Literary MeaningM / W – soul of an individual
Implied MeaningAyurveda like the other eastern sciences considers the soul of an individual as the representative of the universal soul residing in the body.
ElaborationUnlike other contemporary ancient Indian sciences Ayurveda is the only S`haastra in which the Aatman is taken as a measurable, manipulative entity. Unlike the other eastern S`haastra Aayurvedic Samhitaa provide the checklist of assertion of Aatman in the body.
Aatman Gun ` a – Ichchhaa ( desire ), Dvesha ( hatred ), Sukha ( happiness ), Duhkha ( sorrow ), Prayatna ( effort ).It is the purpose of life and all other ingredients of life are instruments for its emancipation or continuation of bondage. It is the perceiver, knower, doer, seer, thinker etc. in the mind body sense organ complex .
SynonymsChetana, Jeevaatma, Purusha,
Contemporary ColloquialSoul, Spirit, Consciousness,

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