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Etymology/ Definitionमांसं निरस्थि सुस्विन्नं पुनर्दृषदि पेषितम् । पिप्पली शुण्ठिमरिचगुडसर्पिः समन्वितम् । ऐकध्यं विपचेत् सम्यक् वेशवार इति स्मृतः । च.सू.२७/२६८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.27/268 Chakrapaan`i, S.Su.46/365
Literary MeaningM / W – kind of seasoning ( consisting of ground coriander, mustard, pepper, ginger, spice )
Implied MeaningMeat without bone is to be steamed and minced. This should be cooked again by adding Pippalee ( Piper Longum Linn .), dried ginger, Maricha ( piper nigrum ), sugar candy and ghee to it. This is known as Ves`havaara .
ElaborationVes`havaara is heavy to digest, unctuous, promotes strength and allays disorders of Vaata and pain. It is useful in the treatment of prolapsed uterus ( A. H. U. 34 / 58 ).
Mudgaadi Ves`havaara is prepared from Mudga and is indicated in constipation .( S. Su 46 / 400 )
In spite of such a reference in texts Ves`havaara is mainly prepared by using various types of meat.
Contemporary ColloquialMinced, boneless meat

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