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Arisht`a Naas`haka

KeywordArisht`a Naas`haka
ReferenceS.Chi.28/20, S.Su.28/5
Literary MeaningArisht`a means Vital signs of bad prognosis and Naas`haka means destroying, removing
Implied MeaningThe medicines or procedures that eliminate the signs indicating impending death.
ElaborationArisht`a means the sign that indicates impending death. Some medicines and procedures overcome these signs and restore life. As per Sus`hruta Samhitaa, by taking Aamalakee powder and gold with honey, one is freed from the danger of life even if possessed by such signs.
Also Braahmins can eliminate these signs with the help of their Tapa, Japa ( Prayer, blessing ) and Mantra ( gem , pearl ). Vaidya ( doctors ) who are expert in the subject of medicines that destroy diseases also can eliminate Arisht`a.

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