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Etymology/ Definitionअङ्गमर्द – अङ्गोद्वेन्नम् इव, स्फुटनिका इति अन्ये । सु. उ.५५/१६
Literary MeaningTo pacify ( grinding ) body pain.
Implied MeaningAngamarda is a grinding pain. The drugs which relieve this pain are called as Angamarda Pras`hamana
ElaborationAngamarda means grinding pain or straitening pain of body. It is cause due to vitiation of Vaata. In Charaka Samhitaa , group of 10 drugs are explaining as Angamarda Pras`hamana . E. g. Vidaareegandhaa ( Desmodium gangeticum ), Pris`hniparn`ee ( Uraria picta Desv .) etc.

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