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Etymology/ Definitionशस्त्रकर्मष्टिविथं तद्यथा – छेद्यं, भेद्यं, लेख्यं, वेध्यम्, एष्यम्, आहार्यं, विस्त्राव्यं, सीव्यमिति ।
सु. सू. ५।५
ReferenceC.Chi.25/55, C.Su.1/91, S.Su.5/5 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningSurgical procedures
Implied MeaningTheses are surgical procedures described by Sus`hruta .
ElaborationSus`hruta describes 8 types of S`hastrakarma ( surgical procedures ) viz. Chhedya, Bhedya, Lekhya, Vedhya, Eshya, Aahaarya, Visraavya, Seevya
Chhedya – 
In this surgical procedure incision is taken to remove Ars`ha ( Piles, Nasal or Anal polyp ) completely.
Bhedya – 
Perforation of abscess ( Vidradhi ) with sharp instrument so as to evacuate purulent material
Lekhya – Scraping of abnormally grown structures like in Rohin`ee
Vedhya – Puncturing by instruments having small openings, vein etc.
Eshyam – Probing e. g. sinuses
Aahaaryam – Extracting gravels etc.
Visraavya – Draining abscess etc.
Seevya – Suturing, e. g. diseases originated in Meda should be sutured after incising and scraping them.

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