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Etymology/ Definitionतद् दु:ख संयोग व्याधय उच्यते। सु. सू. १/२३
ReferenceS.Su.1/23, C.Su.9/4, A.H.Su.1/20, M.Ni.1/7, C.Ni.1/5, A.H.Su.1/20
Literary MeaningM / W – disorder , disease , ailment , sickness
Implied MeaningThe word Vyaadhi means pain or sorrow. It is the result of the unbalanced state of Dosha Dhaatu and Mala ( waste products ).
ElaborationThough Dosha Dhaatu Mala are responsible for the development of any disease, Dosha are the key factors in the development of it. Dosha are the factors capable of initiating a disease process and of vitiating the other body constituents.
Diseases are classified by considering various aspects:
1. Diseases of Body and Mind
2. Nija and Aagantuja – Diseases resulting from internal causative factors like fever, and those resulting from external causative factors like trauma
3. Ekadoshaja Dvandvaja and Saannipaatika . – Diseases resulting from the contribution of a single or more Dosha .
Classification of diseases as per Sus`hruta are:
a ) Hereditary diseases
b ) Congenital diseases
c ) Diseases caused by vitiated Dosha
d ) Traumatic diseases
e ) Diseases due to environmental factors
f ) Diseases arising due to bad luck or misfortune
g ) Natural diseases
SynonymsRoga Duhkha Roga Aabaadha – means pain or sorrow
Paapamaa – one, which arises as result of sins
Aamaya – one, which arises as result of indigestion
Vikaara – one, which is associated with impaired structure or function of various organs
Jvara – one, which is associated with fever and irritability of mind
Yakshmaa – one, which is associated with wasting
Aatanka – one, which is associated with unbearable state
Gada – one, which can arise various aetiological factors
Contemporary ColloquialIllness, Sickness, suffering,

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