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Nirooha Basti

KeywordNirooha Basti
Etymology/ Definitionस दोषनिर्हरणाच्छरीरनीरोहणाद्वा निरूह: । सु.चि.३५/१८ शरीररोहणाद्दोषनिर्हणादचिंत्यवीर्यप्रभावतया चास्मिन्नूहासंभवान्निरूह इति । अ.सं सू.२८।६
Implied MeaningOne of the five procedures ( Panchakarma ). It strengthens the body by elimination of vitiated Vaata.
ElaborationAn evacuation type of herbal enema. This is administered to remove the various pathophysiological blocks in the channels of Vaata . These obstructions give rise to vitiation of Vaata , which can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms.
It has a large volume like one litre. It contains sesame oil, rock salt, honey, paste of the appropriate herb and a decoction suited for the condition being treated. It is generally administered in the morning and in combination with Anuvaasana Basti .
AntonymAnuvaasana Basti

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