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Etymology/ Definitionइति भौतिकधात्वन्नपक्तृणां कर्म भाषितम् ।
अन्नस्य पक्ता सर्वेषां पक्तृणाम् अधिपो मतः ॥
तन्मूलास्ते हि तद् वृद्धिक्षयवृद्धिक्षयात्मकाः ।
तस्मात् तं विधिवद् युक्तैः अन्नपानेन्धनैः हितैः ।
पालयेत् प्रयतः तस्य स्थितौ हि आयुबलस्थितिः ॥ च. चि. १५/३८
Literary MeaningM / W – Dhaatu means a constituent element or essential ingredient of the body.
Implied MeaningThis is subtle level component of Agni. When Aahaara Rasa is formed, after primary digestion in the alimentary canal, it travels through different body channels nourishing related tissues. This nourishment of the tissues is dependent on the digestive capacity residing in these tissues. It is called as Dhaatvagni .
ElaborationOf all the seven Dhaatu , antecedent Dhaatu nourishes descendent Dhaatu . In this process, tissue level digestive power plays an important role. This is called as Dhaatvagni . If this Dhaatvagni is impaired, then the next Dhaatu is not nourished properly. Dhaatvagni is regulated by Jaat`haraagni . If Jaat`haraagni is impaired, then tissue level digestion gets impaired and the metabolism is hampered.

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