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Agni Deepaka

KeywordAgni Deepaka
Etymology/ Definitionपचेत् न आमं वह्निकृत् च दीपनं तद् यथा मिशिः । शा. सं. मध्यम खंड
Literary MeaningM / W -‘ Agni’ means digestive faculty, ‘ Deepaka’ means to burn, digestive, stimulant, inflaming, setting on fire
Implied MeaningThis is induction / stimulation of digestive capacity.
ElaborationAgni Deepaka is anything that stimulates the digestive activity.
Digestive and digestion stimulants are hot in potency and light to digest. E. g. Maricha, Chitraka
They enhance the digestive capacity but are not capable to digest the food. The simile here is a lamp which has a capacity to lighten the room but it is useless for heating it.
When there is less digestive power, such stimulants are to be consumed on empty stomach. They stimulate the appetite and then the food gets digested properly. But when there is indigestion, instead of using Deepana drugs ; Paachana drugs are used ; which digests the food properly.
SynonymsAgni Deeptikara
AntonymAgni Saadakara

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