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Etymology/ Definitionपुष्टिः शरीरोपचयः । सु. सू. ४६/४८१ डल्हण यत् पोषणं करोति तत् पुष्टिकृत् ।
ReferenceA.H.Su.2/8, S.Su.46/481
Literary MeaningM / W – Nourishing
Implied MeaningAny behavioural and dietary ingredient / recipy which nourishes body tissues is called as Pusht`ikrit .
ElaborationAnything having anabolic effect on the body tissues, is called as Pusht`ikrit . These drugs are dominant of Prithvi and Jala . E. g. Ksheera Palaan`d`u, milk, milk products etc.
Abhyanga ( Masaage ) is nourishing. It makes the physique of a person good looking and proportionate. Nourishment is primarily seen on Maamsa Dhaatu , which gives proportionate shape to the body.
Vyaayaama is also nourishing by increasing appetite and then increasing Dhaatu by quantity and quality.
When qualitative nourishment is achieved, it is called as Saarataa ( excellent quality of tissues ). It also indicates the steadiness of the body tissues.Increase in Ojas also results in Pusht`i.
SynonymsUpachaya, Brimhan`a, Santarpan`a
AntonymKshayakrit, Anupachaya

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