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Etymology/ Definitionशीतादि अनुपरमे स्वेदो कर्तव्यः । च. सू. १४/१३ चक्रपाणि शीतशूलव्युपरमे स्तम्भगौरवनिग्रहे । संजाते मार्दवे स्वेदे स्वेदनाद्विरतिर्मता ॥ च. सू. १४/१३
ReferenceC.Su.4, C.Chi.3/267
Literary MeaningM / W – S`heeta means cold, coldness, Pras`hamana means pacifying, curing alleviating
Implied MeaningThese drugs alleviate coldness and retain warmth of the body.
ElaborationTo pacify cold means S`heetapras`hamana. S`heeta is an attribute of Vaata and Kapha . Increase in cold attribute of either Vaata or Kapha or decrease in hot attribute of Pitta leads to increase in cold. To treat such condition medicines having hot attribute should be used. Medicines like Aguru ( Aquilaria agallocha Roxb .), S`hringavera ( Zinziber officinale ), Vachaa ( Acorus calamus ), formulations like Agurvaadi Taila and therapeutic procedures like Svedana ( fomentation ), Dhoopana ( Fumigation ) etc. are helpul to encounter cold.

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