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Etymology/ Definitionअभ्यङ्ग अत्र सकल देहस्य स्नेहाभ्यङ्गः। सु. चि.२४/३० डल्हण, शरीरे तैलविमर्दनम्।
ReferenceC.Su.5/86, S.Chi.24/30 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.2/8-9
Literary MeaningMassage with oil, Kneading the body with medicated oil
Implied MeaningThis is essentially an external procedure where either medicated oil or plain oil is applied to the body. It is used as a preventive as well as a curative therapeutic measure. Combinations of other unctuous substances can be used too as per the requirement ( Ghrita Vasaa Majjaa singly or in combination ).
ElaborationIn case of precipitated Vaata it is the treatment modality of choice. Since it can effectively control Vaata it is advised as a daily regimen to stay fit and to retard premature aging.
Due to the use of unctuous substances it helps restore and retain moisture in skin layers, improve circulation and alleviate fatigue by draining the accumulated Dosha in muscles. Regular use establishes optimum function and power in the muscles, and improves endurance and stress tolerance.
In case it is not possible to do a whole body massage at least the head, ears and the feet should be massaged daily.
Persons suffering from aggravation of Kapha , and who have just undergone purificatory therapies ( like emesis, purgation ) and indigestion should avoid it.
SynonymsTaila Mardanam
Contemporary ColloquialMassage
AntonymUdvartana, Utsaadana

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