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Ushn`a Aas`hraya

KeywordUshn`a Aas`hraya
Literary MeaningUshn`a means hot , Aas`hraya means seat , resting – place
Implied MeaningTo stay in a warm place, to eat or drink hot foodstuffs, to use warm clothes etc. to get protection from cold weather.
ElaborationRitucharyaa tells us how to make changes in our day to day life according to the season. This helps to maintain health in every season.
In winter, protection from cold weather is necessary. So one should consume hot food. One should stay in Garbhagriha ( a small home or room at the core of a big house ). Using warm clothes while going outside or while sleeping is also helpful. One should use lukewarm water for drinking. Cold water bath should be avoided. Sitting or walking in sunlight is advised. Fire burnt in the house helps to keep the atmosphere warm.
AntonymS`heeta Aas`hraya

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