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Etymology/ Definitionअवारणीयमिति वारणं चिकित्सा न विद्यते वारणं येषां ते अवारणा व्याधय:। सु. सू. ३३/१ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.33/1 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningIncurable
Implied MeaningA group of diseases, which are incurable and hence are not to be treated.
ElaborationThe diseases having complications ( Upadrava ) are said to be incurable ( Avaaran`eeya ) diseases.
They can only be treated by the use of Rasaayana ( Rejuvenation Therapy ) Chikitsaa .
The incurable diseases are eight in number:
Vaatvyaadhi Prameha ( Urinary Diseases ), Kusht`ha ( Skin diseases ), Ars`ha ( Piles ), Bhagandara ( Fistula in ano ), As`hmaree ( Urinary Calculus ), Mood`hagarbha ( Obstructed foetus ), Udara ( Ascites ).
Sus`hruta advocates that these need Rasaayana therapy invariably in their management.
AntonymVaaran`eeya Saadhya, Susaadhya, Krichchhrasaadhya )

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