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Etymology/ Definitionतेषामेभिरात्रुविशेषै: प्रकुपितानां पयुर्षितकिष्वोदकपिष्ट समवाय इवोद्रिक्तानां प्रसरो भवति। सु. सू. २१/२८
Literary MeaningM / W – going forward, advance, progress, free course, coming forth, rising, appearing, spreading, extension, diffusion
Implied MeaningIt is the third stage in the disease development process. It means spreading of Dosha from the place of aggravation to other places.
ElaborationThe aggravated Dosha in presence of causative factors reach a stage where it becomes impossible for them to be contained in their respective sites. Thus they leave their sites and mix in the mainstream circulation by overflowing and reach newer sites. This process is called Prasara.
Examples: 1. A brew overflowing the container due to fermentation and the excess liquid reaching new crevices and lodging itself there. 2. A reservoir of water cannot contain its stock due to excessive rain. Hence it yields under the pressure to release a large quantum of water to spread in all directions with considerable force and energy. These examples of Prasara indicate the force of vitiated Dosha .
The accumulated Dosha spread either alone or in various combinations or with blood. E. g. – Vaata Pitta Kapha Rakta Vaata – Pitta Vaata – Kapha Pitta – Kapha Vaata – Pitta – Kapha etc. Sus`hruta describes fifteen ways of Prasara.
It is a transient stage between accumulation and harbouring of the vitiated Dosha .

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