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Etymology/ Definitionव्यवायी चाखिल देहं व्याप्य पाकाय कल्पते। सु. सु. ४६/५२१
ReferenceC.Chi.24/30 Chakrapaan`i, S.Su.46/521, Sh.S.P.4/20
Implied MeaningSubstance, which when administered immediately spreads all over the body without conversion and does not require Agni and Vaayu assistance for its action is Vyavaayee .
ElaborationThese substances possess attribute Sara of a very high order, which is a common attribute of Vaata and Pitta. Therefore it does not have to undergo the normal process of digestion and it can start its action right from the point of contact.
Its conversion begins and ends in the tissues. This attribute is found in poisonous substances and is opposite to Ojas. Hence they have two – fold action, one of depleting Ojas and another of destroying tissues Hence care has to be taken when using this substance.
These are predominantly made up of Vaayu and Aakaas`ha Mahaabhoota Vaayu produces motion and Aakaas`ha keeps capillaries ( Srotasa ) open.
E. g. Morphine, poison, Madya ( Alcohol )
All S`hodhana Dravya are Vyavaayee .

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