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Etymology/ Definition स्नेहपाकः त्रिविधाः ,तद्यथा- मृदुः मध्यमः खरः इति । सु.चि.३१/११
ReferenceS.Chi.31/11, A.H.K.6/17
Literary MeaningProcessing of oils
Implied MeaningSnehapaaka is a specific stage in preparation of unctuous substances like sesame oil or cow ghee, which is of three types viz.
Mridupaaka ( mildly processed ), Madhyapaaka ( medium processed ), Kharapaaka ( scorched, burnt )
ElaborationSuch processed oil is indicated in specific areas. As per Sus`hruta mild Sneha should be used in drinks and food as internal medication, medium Sneha for Nasya ( nasal administration and for massage, scorched Sneha should be used for enema and ear filling ( Karn`apooran`a ).
Characteristics of each type:
Mild Sneha – The drug ( paste ) can be rolled with difficulty
Medium Sneha – The drug is like bee – wax, non – slimy and non – sticky, can be rolled easily
Scorched Sneha – If the drug is black, then Sneha becomes slightly parched, non – slimy and granular, it cannot be rolled together.
Contemporary ColloquialMedicated oil, ghee
AntonymAama tail

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