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Nidaana Parivarjana

KeywordNidaana Parivarjana
Etymology/ Definitionनिदानानां दोषकारकहेतुनां रोगकारकहेतुनां च सर्वतो वर्जनम् । सु.उ.१/२५ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Vi.7/14, S.U.1/24, D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningAvoiding causative factors
Implied MeaningIt is essential to get rid of the causative factors, which aggravate Dosha and disease. It is one of the major steps in the treatment of any disease.
ElaborationNidaana is a set of factors that initiate the diseases, which aggravate Dosha, as well as Roga ( disease ).
In order to arrest progress of the disease it is essential to refrain from the causative factors. This is Parivarjana .
If indulgence in excessive eating is leading to indigestion, then it is essential to observe fasting.
This forms almost half of the management.
Contemporary ColloquialPrevention of causative factors

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