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Etymology/ Definitionलसीका उकदस्य पिच्छाभाग:। च.सू.२०/८ चक्रपाणि.
ReferenceC.Su.20/8 Chakrapaan`i, C.Su.26/41-5,C.Sha.7/15
Literary MeaningM / W – watery humour in the body, lymph, serum
Implied MeaningIt is the yellowish watery part of subcutaneous fluid, which flows from a lacerated wound. It harbours Pitta Dosha .
ElaborationIt is a watery warm and yellowish subcutaneous fluid oozing from a fresh ulcer. Tikta Rasa ( bitter ) absorbs Laseekaa from ulcer due to its dry, cold and light attributes.

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