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Maana Paribhaashaa

KeywordMaana Paribhaashaa
ReferenceC.K.12/87, C.K.12/97, S.Chi.31/7
Literary MeaningM / W – general definition / gudeline about measure or weight
Implied MeaningWeights and Measures
ElaborationWeighing and measuring systems are required to determine the dose of medicine, to quantify Dhaatu like Rasa, Rakta etc ., to determine quantity of food, to calculate time required etc.
As per S`haarangdhar Samhitaa, there are two systems of weights and measures – Maagadha and Kalinga .
There are three types of units –
1. Pautava Maana – It includes measures of weight.
2. Druvaya Maana – It is used to measure volume or capacity.
3. Paayyamaana – It includes measures of length.
To calculate time period – For this, Akshinimes`h is the smallest unit. It means the time required for blinking the eyelashes.

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