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Vaata Sevana

KeywordVaata Sevana
Etymology/ Definition प्रवातं रौक्ष्यवैवर्ण्यस्तम्भकृद्दाहपक्तिनुत्‌ । सु.चि.२४/८४
Literary MeaningExposure to blowing winds
Implied MeaningGoing out in wind
ElaborationIt is a type of Vihaara. In Ayurvedic text various characteristics of wind are mentioned.
Wind blowing from East is hot. If one is suffering from skin diseases, piles, worms, fever, asthma, and Rheumatoid arthritis, then going in this wind intensifies these diseases.
Wind blowing from West is cool and is helpful when one is having burning sensation, excessive thirst and vertigo.
Wind blowing from South is the best of all. It is beneficial for eyes and it increases the body strength. It helps to cure Raktapitta . Also it doesn’t cause Vaata Prakopa.
Wind blowing from North is cool, sweet and gentle. It doesn’t cause Dos`ha Prakopa .
Comfortable wind should be used in summer and autumn. However, wind – less place should be preferred always, which is wholesome for life and health.
One should not go out in wind if it is blowing speedily. Because harsh wind causes dryness, loss of good complexion, stiffness, vertigo and excessive thirst. Slow wind is opposite to this and alleviates sweat / perspiration, fainting and thirst.
AntonymNivaatas`hayana, Garbhagrihasevana

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